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If you are building a beautiful new home or conducting a remodelling project, it is essential to plan things to stay on budget and schedule. House painting is a labour intensive project and requires a considerable investment in time and money; that is why it is essential to choose the right paint the first time to avoid costly redos. You also need to think about the exterior and interior of your home. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Paint 

Interior painting job in Bendigo with grey and orange color combination.

There is a mountain of factors to consider when choosing the right paint for your house. The paint of your home can increase or decreases the value of your property; that is why we recommend that you take time to think about the paint you will apply to your home. House painting is very labour intensive and requires a lot of skill and expertise to do it right, so we highly recommend that you talk with professional house painting contractors.

1. Think About the Interior and Exterior Design of the House 

The colours of your house should complement the overall design of your home. You should also consider if the exterior paint matches the exterior design of your house and the interior paint matches the interior design together with the motif of your furniture and appliances. House painting is a big project so take time in planning before committing to a colour.

2. The Lighting and Room Orientation

For interior rooms, the type of indoor lighting and orientation of the room can be an essential factor in dedicating what colour to paint the room. Different kinds of colours reflect light differently like incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED lights. The orientation of a place concerning the sun is also an essential factor to consider because too much natural light can make too bright, which can affect the level of comfort in the room.  

For the exterior paint of your house, you should also consider the amount of sunlight you get. Dark paint colours can absorb light which can heat the rooms inside. Light paint colours, on the other hand, can reflect light but might need more cleaning than dull colours.

3. Your Furniture and Appliances

Homeowners face a trivial junction between choosing the paint first, then finding furniture that matches the paint job or wants the furniture first, then match the paint to the furniture and appliances.  House painting has many options, and we recommend that you choose the furniture first then adapt your paint scheme to match the furniture. It’s easy to find the perfect paint hue because of the large number of available colours compared to finding specific furniture to match your paint colours.

4. The Surfaces and Textures of Your Home

The types of surfaces in your home like your tiling, flooring, walls, ceilings, and plastering can also be a factor in the kind of paint that you pick. The different texture in your house can affect how paint shows, the same coat of paint applied on wood may look differently on plaster walls, so it is essential to consider the surfaces of your home. The colours of your tiles might be a mismatch on the paint on your walls, and it can be costly to redo the tiles or house painting so that they can match. 

5. Paint Finishes

There are lots of different types of paint finishes available for house painting your interior and exterior walls. Each paint finishes has its pros and cons; that is why it is essential to choose the right one for your home. For Kitchens, we recommend you pick high-gloss or semi-gloss paint because the finish is very durable and easy to clean. For family rooms, living rooms, and other standard rooms a satin finish is excellent because it can be easily clean and it is more resistant o wear and rear. We also recommend eggshell finishes for dining rooms because it looks beautiful and perfect for guests. For bedrooms, we recommend a flat or matte finish because of its durable properties.

6. The Paint Color

Choosing the right colour of paint can be a matter of personal preferences, but knowing your options will reduce the risk of costly do-overs. The paint colour of the rooms in your house can create an illusion of space, and by choosing the right colours, you can change how a guest can perceive the areas in your home. Choosing the right paint colours can make the rooms in your house more comfortable by setting the mood and vibe. 

Choosing the Right Colours For Your Home

Interior and exterior painting jobs in Bendigo

In choosing the right colours in your room can set the mood and make your rooms more comfortable. The right paint colour can also save money because some paint colours require less maintenance and cleaning. 

1. Green 

Green is a great and refreshing colour because of its soothing effect on the eyes. It is an excellent colour for living rooms because it invites calm and relaxation. Green is attractive because it occurs naturally in plants, trees, and grass, so it’s a great colour to pick, especially if a lot of greenery surrounds your house. 

2. Gray 

Gray is a great neutral colour and perfect for modern minimalist homes. It requires less maintenance and cleaning compared to other paint colours because it won’t show stains as quickly as bright colours would. The colour grey is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. 

3. Blue 

Blue is also another popular house painting colour because it gives a warm and comfortable vibe to the room. It is perfect for bedrooms because the colour is not as distracting compared to other shades of colours.  

4. Beige

The colour beige is another great neutral colour that is perfect for living rooms. It is easy to find furniture like sofas, desks, and chairs that will match well with the colour beige. House painting your rooms beige is also cost-effective as they don’t require as much maintenance compared to white paint. 

These are some of the most popular colours chosen by homeowners for the paint job of the interior rooms of their houses. We recommend that you consult with professional house painting contractors to ensure that you are getting the right paint for your home and avoid costly back jobs and redos.  

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