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Residential Painting

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Home is where the heart is; it also is where we spend the majority of our time. We want you to love the walls that surround you. What do you want to feel when you walk inside of your home? Warmth can be achieved with a mellow yellow or soft pink. Regal, tradition and other styles can be in-fluxed to provide you and your guests with the feeling desired. Our team is purely here to help you achieve the desired feeling into your home. Being able to consult and depend on your painting providers is a service that no other painting outfit offers in Bendigo. Not only are we here to help you along your colour choice journey, but to execute the job and complete the process start to finish.


There are a few million-colour options, and when it comes to choosing one perfect for your living space you can become overwhelmed. We all know the indecisive nature that creeps up on us when choosing a colour destined to be in our kitchen, bathroom or bedroom for years to come. What if it isn’t the right undertone? What if the lighting changes the appearance? Our experts are here to consult before the painting is on the walls. We offer educated opinions and have talented style consultants on hand to assist with your decision.


Your painting needs are not narrowed to interior paint needs. We are sure that your exterior is just as important as the interior of your home. A new siding colour, trim hue or fence finish can absolutely change the curb appeal of your dwelling. Not only does this have an effect on the value of your home but also it can change how you feel about arriving home. Come home and enjoy the sign that the walls, fence, trim or garage door bring.


Murals are custom paintings that are commissioned by professionals to display a likeness of an image or scene in the paint on a wall. Traditionally murals can be quite expensive, however, Bendigo Painting Services offers this service at an affordable rate. We are able to offer this due to the talented team that is loyal to Bendigo Painting. We have created a positive and rewarding career for our painters and our associates love what they do. We love what we do, and you will love it too.

Trim and Edges

Valance trims seem like such a small part of the whole home. Small changes can make big effects and this is shown in the before and after photos of trim and edge, colour changes. Our team of highly skilled tradespeople gives breath to your home, leave the dull neutral behind and add an injection of colour to your room. The decision to change the trim in your house is a good way to change the vibe of your space without making a huge commitment to a big colour choice. Work with our professional team to choose the right colour for your next project and love your home.