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What paint brands do you use?

There is no specific paint brand that we use. It all depends on the requirements of the job at hand. Also, the preferences of the client are taken into account. All in all, we use good quality products that are in line with Bendigo painting industry standards.
And it’s only after proper discussion with the client, that we decide the right type and brand of paint to be used.

Are your paints eco-friendly?

Yes, we understand that the Bendigo painting industry is nowadays moving in an eco-friendly direction. But, we know that not all jobs require these types of paints and not all clients want them either. So, it is a mix of factors we keep in mind while deciding on whether to use eco-friendly paints or not.

Are your quotes and consultation free?

Yes, our quotes and consultation are completely free. And we consider this as a responsibility to understand your requirements and then provide suitable and pocket-friendly quotes to our future clients. Our rates are in line with the Bendigo painting industry standards.

How long does the painting take?

The time that is required to paint depends on the size of the job at hand. Big warehouses take more time than homes and homes take more time than garages. But adhering to Bendigo painting industry standards, we try to over-deliver each time and finish the project as soon as possible.

Are your services customizable?

Yes, certainly. Our services are entirely customizable. We understand that the Bendigo painting industry is evolving and now, more and more customised painting jobs are springing up. So, we offer customizable packages on consultation with one of our project managers, and we promise complete customer support until the job is done.

What services do you provide?

Painting Bendigo is an old player of the Bendigo painting industry and thus is a complete solution provider to all your painting requirements. We offer all the regular services like commercial painting,residential painting, maintenance painting, house repainting, indoor and outdoor painting, and fence and deck painting.
And if you happen to have a class-in-itself project that needs expert knowledge and specialised care, then don’t worry, we offer customizable services and have delivered high-quality, unique projects to our customers.

Will the job be done in a continuous manner or chunks?

We prioritise your time above anything, and we understand that painting done in chunks disrupts your routine and results in money wastage too. Thus we complete all projects in a single go and that too as early as possible. This timely delivery and disciplined approach towards projects have kept us organically growing in the Bendigo painting industry for so long.

When can you start the job?

Once the quote is accepted, we start preparing for the project. And the time taken to start it after acceptance of the quote is dependent on the size of the task at hand. Smaller projects are started earlier because they can fit in the schedule easily whilemore significant projects need more time in the programand also more time for preparation.

Why should I choose you instead of others?

We are experienced players of the Bendigo painting industry and have serviced Bendigo for more than 40 years now. We have many happy customers that provide testimony to our attention to detail, responsive customer support, excellent finish, and overall trustworthy service.

Will you move my furniture before painting?

So, the answer to this one is, not all furniture requires to be moved. The heavy or big furniture that cannot be moved is adequately covered and is taken care of while the painting continues. And we appreciate it if you shift/push out the smaller furniture, but if you can’tchange it, we can readily do that for you.

Why Choose Us?

Experience of 40+ years in servicing Bendigo
We have serviced people of Bendigo for more than 40 years now. We have grown and customised our services following the growth and evolution of the Bendigo painting industry. Also, since we have worked with the people of this city for so long, we understand the community sentiments and its requirements and work hard to deliver the best every time.
And our customer support is always ready to talk and learn more about your requirements, expectations, and queries until the project is completely done.

The most versatile range of services

So, whether it is painting your new home or painting your deck or a customised job that is a class-in-itself- we have painted many dreams., place a call at our customer support to get honest guidance and the most professional delivery of the project.Our services are one of the most versatile in the Bendigo painting industry.

The promise of best quality

At Painting Bendigo, we keep the promise of the best quality. We offer guaranteed workmanship. Furthermore, we understand the value of your time, money, and most importantly, the trust you have placed in us. We have grown sustainably for 40 years in the Bendigo painting industry due to this healthy approach. And our list of happy customers provides testimony to the same.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We deliver 100% satisfaction. Our customer support and managers are always ready to solve your queries and deliver on your expectations. Also, our service is completely trustworthy, which is evident from our active client community. Also, the best workmanship quality in line with the Bendigo painting standards is guaranteed.

Affordable pricing

We provide the best Bendigo painting industry services and at the most affordable prices. We value your hard-earned money and try to give our services at really great prices with no hidden costs.

Complete transparency

We are known for our honesty and transparent working methods in the Bendigo painting industry. Rest assured, there will be no hidden charges or nasty surprises after the job is done. Sustainable growth is what we believe in and respect our clients above all.

Timely delivery

Bendigo painting industry is a highly competitive place these days, and we have made it amongst the best by adhering to deadlines and delivering the best every time.