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Maintenance Painting

maintenance painter doing painting

Maintenance painting does not sound like much fun. In essence, it is the upkeep of your painting needs to curb any requirement for a substantial and expensive job. By keeping the maintenance up to date you avoid unexpected costly additives to your budget.  There are many things that we are able to help with when it comes to maintenance painting. We are able to handle jobs such as; touch-ups, trim correction, cracks and scratches and colour change. If you are unsure if your home requires some maintenance painting, give us a call. One of your licensed individuals will be by to evaluate your areas of concern and quote a maintenance paint contract.

Touch Ups

Paint deteriorates, as homeowners, we invest a lot of monetary value in our homes. We know that the monetary value we invest is paid back in the end, as real estate is a smart and lucrative business to be involved in. Some paint will deteriorate before other brands. Some professional painting companies skip steps and primer is not applied. Whichever the reason paint can fade faster than anticipated and end up in a need for a touch-up. If we are lucky it is just the sun that fades the paint of a feature wall. If you have possession of the paint originally utilized we are able to quickly and affordably reignite the wall in question with a new life.

Trim Correction

Trim can be tricky; if an inexperienced or newly trained individual is in charge of your trim job you might find some mistakes. These mistakes can be unforgiving due to different paint colours or the placement of the trim. We are able to help alleviate any unsightly trim mistakes with our industry-leading tools and our tried and true painters on staff.

Cracks And Scratches

Kids can accelerate the number of scratches and cracks a wall of paint can endure. Pets, Airbnb and other guests can also create damage to the walls of our homes. Nothing will stay perfect forever and we know this. But when the imperfections accumulate to a point of no return it may be time to call us in for a maintenance paint job. There is a method for repairing walls, however, if there is extensive damage we suggest that repairs are completed to the drywall prior to the paint being reapplied.

Colour Change

Some trends come and go, and although we can imagine a colour to be around for a while colours do need changing. To reimagine and replace your coloured walls, give us a call for a quote or consultation. A feature wall can be bold and stand out in a room full of neutral walls; if the hue becomes to vibrant or mismatched a quick colour change can become the preferable solution. Let your imagination run wild and take you on a journey. Your home is a reflection of your personality so let it shine through with a colour change by Bendigo Painting Services