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Indoor & Outdoor Painting

painter doing outdoor painting

Outdoor and indoor painting services add a convince to our offerings. We can complete the interior of the home and create a cohesive appealing design flow from exterior to interior. It can sound intimidating to repaint or redesign the entirety of your home, but the process can be customized to fit the demands of your schedule or budget. Nothing is set in stone and the colour of your home is no exception. You are in control of your experience and we are the facilitators. We promise to go above and beyond to give you the world-class service that Bendigo Painting Services is known for.

House Trim

The exterior trim of your home is a good place to start. We have the highest quality paint suppliers to give you the superior, long-lasting outdoor paint that will withstand Bendigo’s temperate climate. Knowing that the paint itself will last and withhold the quality initially provided is important. We stand by our suppliers and the quality that the products deliver. You can count on the superior nature of the outdoor trim paint that will be delivered, and applied to your home. The difference can be astronomical as something as minimal as trim can have a large impactful statement on your home.


The siding of the home can be comprised of various materials. Knowing the material and the best way forward to achieve a smooth and long-lasting paint job is essential. Our Tenured professionals are experienced with various textures and have the ability to assess and make the right decision. Whether your siding is comprised of wood, vinyl, concrete, stipple or any other material we assure you that we are familiar with the individual needs of the siding. Appreciate your home and the comfort it provides by injecting some love into the curb appeal of your investment.

Garage Door Painting

Garage doors are usually large and they usually have a utilitarian use. What if we changed the view of garage doors and changed the design aspect entirely? This, of course, is up to the individual homeowner. We are able to customize the outcome of garage door based on our consultation with you. Completely reimagine your garage door with a bold colour or pattern that accents the design of your home. Soften the large dominating stature of your garage door by blending it to fit more neutrally with your esthetic throughout the rest of your outdoor space.

Indoor VS. Outdoors Paint

What is the difference? Do we really know, well there is a difference and we are here to explain what works on what type of surface? Different paints have various properties. Interior paint is to be scrubbed, cleaned and resists staining. Exterior paints are formulated for very different purposes. The exterior paint should battle fading and mildew. This being said, your paint expert at Bendigo Painting Services will be able to further explain the difference and suggest the best paint formula for each use.