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Do you want to elevate the house with a fresh coat of paint? Several interior ideas can change your entire home, starting with the living room where you spend a significant amount of time with a family and friend. Painting a house is affordable, and you can even do it yourself or consult experts such as Bendigo Painting Services 

Living Room

The most popular and decorated room in any home is the living room. It’s the most frequently used and visible space in the entire house. Thus, you should paint it in colours that give everyone a good mood. The following are some of the excellent living room paints ideas

Interior painting job done Bendigo
Colour Blocking

It’s a modern way of introducing contrasting deep tones or bright pops of colour to portray luxury. You can add artwork in the room and then paint blocks of colour around it. More so, you can create a focal point around your fireplace and archway in your house by colour blocking them. Another way is to use less aggressive colours to make a point of interest. Some of the best colour blocking is done by colours ranging from grey to red. 

Mural Paint

Painting a mural allows you to replicate your idea on the wall. You can do it yourself or ask an artist to do the job. You have endless possibilities that you can use to reflect your personality. However, ensure that the mural is blending with the futures and other spaces in the room. Otherwise, this painting will attract attention for the wrong reasons. 

Bright Colors

Bright colours create a happy tone because they brighten, create a playful vibe, and brighten a dull space. Thus, you don’t have to settle for neutral that seems less offensive. Therefore, go for bold tones and then use contrasting colours for its flooring and furniture. For instance, blue gives your room a serene and calming vibe when coupled with a white ceiling. The two provide the living room with an airier and lighter feel. You can splash it with orange to bring the whole thing together.  

Bold Strikes

You can give your house some bold stripes to create a focal point in the living room. For instance, paint black and white horizontal strips make the wall more full, while vertical stripes will make it longer. 

Breezy Contemporary

Paint your walls white and cabinet blue and then contrast the two with dark-brown ceiling beams to create a relaxing, modern living area. Additionally, you can put a blue rug and sofa cushions with patterns.


You desire to have a lovely kitchen. However, such a kitchen doesn’t have to be always white. You can pick an exotic neutral.

Kitchen painting job we completed in Bendigo

You can have a buttercream backdrop and lavender swirls as well as accessorize it with a blue chandelier. Keep your island and cabinets neutral to ground the space. 

Dark Navy

Paint the walls and the cabinets blue to give your kitchen a warm and casual feel. The choice of dark paints makes the atmosphere cozy and intimate. The navy colour will always change from totally blue to black as the light varies during the day.   


You can give your kitchen a vacation look by painting it coral pink. Introducing a rattan and bamboo staples makes it unique.


A creamer shade is a better option for white and still keep the kitchen bright and light. The warmer undertones of the cream paint make it inviting.


Having the right bedroom is the first thing you should consider when painting your house. The room should melt away your stress as you get ready to sleep.

Bedroom painting job we completed in Bendigo with purple paint
Khaki Green

You can paint the guest room with this shade of green, which is a soothing, nature-inspired colour. This colour will blend well with other accent colours in this bedroom. 

Ice Blue

Paint your bedroom with a soft blue colour to give it a fresh feel when you walk into that room. The colour has a dreamy, ethereal quality and a ton of versatility.  

Stripes and Patterns

You can give your bedroom a stripe painting. These stripes don’t have to be always vertical or uniform. You can make them horizontal or vertical to make the room look wider or longer.


Break the peachy blush walls with black and white artwork to give it a contrasting look. More so, the blush pink will work well with bright red and blue-grey tones. 


The start of your day begins in the bathroom. Thus, you want a bathroom that gives you a brighter start of the day.  

Bathroom painting job done in Bendigo
Ash Grey Walls

Having a bathroom with ash grey walls and granite or marble countertops is a perfect idea. Accompany this with lighter colour tiles for your floor and countertops. Use pure white trim on one wall to break the dullness of a darker grey colour. 

Turner’s Yellow

You can paint your bathroom a vibrant yellow colour that most people use for their kitchens or bedrooms. The goldenrod is ideal for it brightens darker rooms, making them look bigger and inviting feel. Consider having bronze or brass fixtures to give your bathroom an extra layer of style and richness. 

Bright and Bold

You can give your bathroom a vibrant teal. Paint one wall white if your bathroom is spacious, and the rest use a contrasting colour.  Try a peacock green combined with a seafoam undertone for your walls and then have white fixtures and cabinets. Go for beige or grey colour for the countertops to create a balance.   


The first impression is everything; thus, give your entryway a bright and sunny shade to give your guests a happy tone. 

Foyer painting job done in Bendigo
Bright Yellow

Paint your hallways, a colour that emanates light and warmth since this area doesn’t get enough sun. 

Hot Pink

Give way an intense, eye-catching look by painting it neon pink. This makes the entrance welcoming, warm and impossible-to-forget.  

There several interior house painting ideas for your house. You can contact Bendigo Painting Services for a quote and the best possible painting results. The company will offer you a wide range of painting ideas and services.  

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