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Fence & Deck Painting

red color brush painting

Painting services performed by Bendigo Painting Services is not limited to just the structure of the property. The esthetic of your home can be carried on to the surrounding structure and create a cohesive and beautiful story. Fences can be created to hide what is behind them, create and show property lines or give a piece of land privacy. Whichever the reason, we are here to resurface an existing fence or give a new fence its first paint job. Not only do fences need attention, but decks, pergola’s, sheds and more.


A fence’s purpose is varied; it can be for multiple benefits including privacy, property lines and décor. No matter the purpose of a fence’s creation, the key to making and keeping its visual appeals is paint. We have numerous paint samples for an exterior paint that will accent your fence. Our partnerships with quality paint suppliers have given us exclusive rights to use paint colours limited in stock and supply. We extend these offers to our clients and so many additional perks that are sure to surprise and delight you.


Our lives are used regularly for parties, gatherings, and family dinners. There is almost always an occasion for your friends and loved ones to gather and join on the patio. Make sure your next gathering is started on the right foot with the best presentation of your deck. Repainting surfaces for decks and patios are often initiated with the removal of the previous paint job. To remove the previous paint a pressure washer or sander is used, following this primer is used and finally, paint is applied to give the deck a new fresh appearance. Being able to surprise and host your guests on a renewed new platform will not only impress them but empower you.


The pergola is a structure built to provide structure and shade for outdoor patios. A pergola can vary from a walkway that turns into a garden feature lined with vines, a passageway or a sitting area. There are vertical beams that support cross beams and provide shade or other benefits for the homeowner. Pergolas are beautiful, but like any wood creation, their wood can be painted or stained to enhance the appeal of the construction. Our highly talented professionals are able to visit and quote your pergola project today. Have your garden and outdoor entertaining area reflect the imaginative narrative that you have constructed.


Garden tools can accumulate and take up space. It doesn’t just happen to be tools though, many crafts and hobbies can require extra space and there in steps the shed. We love the excess room the shed provides, but the exterior can sometimes be an afterthought. Why have a sore thumb in your backyard creating an unsightly view? No need, our team is here to simulate the shed in with the esthetic of the rest of the property. An unsightly shed no more, but a cohesive and complementary space to the main home.