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When last did you paint your home? Giving the exteriors a fresh coat of paint will give it a new look and make it comfortable for your family. 

A fresh coat of paint will provide additional protection against elements like rain, sun, and insects. Additionally, painting is an investment of both money and time; for that reason, it requires a lot of planning. 

A new coat on the exterior of your home makes it attractive and increases its value. Therefore, it’s essential to be carrying out this exercise for a couple of years to keep your home looking impressive. 

House painting job we completed in Bendigo with white exterior paint finish

Benefits of House Exterior Painting 

Painting the outside of your home is a project that requires adequate planning, for it needs a lot of time and money. Your home requires a fresh coat of paint, and the following are the benefits. 

Increase its Worth 

Painting the exterior of the house is a massive investment in terms of money and time. However, having the right colour and getting an elegant finish will not only look attractive to the onlookers, but it will enhance the value of the property. Thus, your house will sell it more due to that fresh coat. Therefore, always opt for inviting colours to increase the value and attract more buyers. 

To Keep Your Property Looking Impressive 

Every homeowner needs their home to look great as they are themselves. However, the last coat you gave your exterior was some years back; thus, due to weather or other factors, the paint has chipped off or faded. Therefore, you have to repaint it to keep the outside looking impressive. 

Choose a colour that fits well with the design of your home, the landscaping, and the neighbourhood. These factors will add to the aesthetic value of your home. 

Time to Repair Damages 

You need to evaluate the status of the home before beginning the painting exercise. Thus, whether you’re the one doing the painting or you have recruited a painting professional, look out for issues on the exterior first. For instance, mildew, mould, insects, and water stains can damage the walls, and you need to replace the affected parts before painting.   

More so, with time, wood may rot or break, thus affecting the strength of the structure. Therefore, the preparations you do before painting will help you to spot the affected areas and repair them before applying a fresh coat.   

It Protects the Exterior House Surfaces 

The peeling of paint exposes the surface to elements like water, mould, or insects. However, a fresh coat of paint will cover the surfaces for the next 5-7 years. 

Signs That You Need To Paint  

It’s recommended that you should paint your house exterior regularly. However, high-quality paints are durable, and therefore, it may take years before you apply the next coat. Some signals indicate that your home’s exterior requires an update. They include; 

Photo of a peeling paint wall we restore and repainted in Bendigo

Bubbling and Peeling Spots: The presence of cracked, peeling, and bubbling spots on the walls invites an immediate action. The patches that result when the paint begins to peel away, expose the wall to elements that can compromise the integrity of the building. These include mildew, mould, rotting due to water from the rain or snow, as well as insects like termites and wasp. 

Faded Colors: Exterior surfaces are exposed to years of intense sunlight, and rain; thus, the paint will begin to fade. In some situations, fading is more than merely an aesthetic issue but a sign that the current coat is not providing adequate protection against elements.  

Worn out Caulking: Caulking seals the joints and areas around the windows and doors. With time you may begin noticing small cracks, which is a sign that you need to take action. Failure to treat it will cause moisture to seep in and cause huge damages. Thus, you need to replace the caulking and apply a fresh coat of paint to enhance the layer of protection. 

Selling The House:  it necessary to paint the property before listing it. The fresh coat increases attraction to the home, thus helping you to get a buyer quickly and sell at a higher price.   

Damaged Wood and Render: Painting forms a protective layer on a surface; however, this doesn’t last forever. Therefore, after some years, you will begin noticing signs of rotting wood, or cracks in the render. These signs are reminders that you need to repair and repaint the exterior. 

Moulds and Water Stains: Although you can wipe some stains with grease and pressure washing, especially when they are on the surface, at times, these are a sign of deeper issues. It’s always recommended to invite a professional whenever you spot a stubborn stain. They will evaluate it and advise whether to paint or replace the material due to extensive damage such as a leaking roof or drainage system issue. 

When You Want a Change: You can always change the colour of your home whenever you want. For instance, trendy colours change with time, leaving your property looking outdated. You may have changed certain exterior features of your property, and you want to update the outer walls of the house to blend with surroundings. 

Always repaint your home every 5-10 years for concrete walls,  3-7 years for wood surfaces, five years for aluminium siding, and 5-6 years for concrete. 

When to Paint 

It’s trickier to paint the exterior than the interior because the weather is one factor that may fail to cooperate, thus affect the project. 

The drying of paint is pegged on the weather conditions such as moisture and temperature. Thus, it’s best to avoid painting when it’s raining, or during extremely cold or hot temperatures. 

Further, extreme temperatures influence the drying of the paint negatively. For instance, it may cause it to dry unevenly those expose brush strokes or create clumps.  

Another factor to consider is humidity because it can affect the materials used on the wall of the house. Moisture may cause mortar and wood, which are porous to become a dump, thus give the impression that paint has dried, yet it’s not. 

Therefore, it’s recommended to paint during warm and dry weather to allow the paint to dry evenly. More so, it’s vital to ensure that the surface is dry before applying a new coat of paint on it. Thus, it’s best to paint during warm weather before the start of rain or cold spells. 

Exterior painting job in Bendigo with white, orange and gray finish paint

The third factor to consider is the activities in the neighbourhood. Paint when the neighbours are not cutting down trees or sanding because the dust particles and sawdust will be blown by the wind and stick to your new paint. 

Bendigo Painting Services is a team of experienced painters with a wide range of service offerings to cater for your painting needs. You can contact them for a quote and more suggestions.   

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