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Commercial Painting

commercial painter doing painting

Commercial painting projects completed by Bendigo Painting Services is affordable and results-driven. We provide the service of commercial painting to help our affiliates create a new refreshed and revived commercial space. We know that when you walk into space without a clear vision or dingy ambience that it can affect how we feel in the space. Don’t let business walk away because the paint has displayed a feeling to the customer without any other exterior influences. Changing the interior or exterior of your commercial space is integral to reviving a dated or dull site with new life. We provide this and so much more with our commercial painting services.

Paint Removal

If you are renovating a commercial space to appeal to a more modern vision, or because of recent possession a paint job may be due.  To effectively maintain a long-lasting paint job, the removal of paint that was prior to the wall might be necessary. This will impact the quality of the new paint job extensively. Priming surfaces is a key step to keeping the newly painted walls fresh and colourful for the years to come. Not everyone is aware of the necessary steps of a successful and quality commercial paint job. Our job is to do just this, know the steps and the tools necessary to complete the job commissioned.


The interior of commercial space may be utilized as a storefront. It may also be a professional office setting, a sales office or one of the thousand possibilities in between. Whatever the use of your commercial space, the same truth applies. Appearance matters and customers, clients or patients are influenced by the space we invite them into. You are able to change the entire feel with a few coats of paint. We are not saying that we change lives, but we believe that we can impact the success of your business and the overall mood of your commercial space.


We have said it before; a coat of paint can make a huge difference. To buildings that have become dated over years of use or graffiti that has stolen the innocence of a wall, your building can have some new life infused. We are a professional, licensed painting company that holds the highest regard for our clients. We have proven our integrity and shown our value to Bendigo residents and businesses alike for years.

New Construction

New commercial construction takes time energy and a lot of patience form developers. Finishing touches are exhilarating and can pull the appeal of a space together. Paint is truly a game-changer when it comes to the construction process. The walls will bring the floor plan to life but the paint will inject life into the structure. Due to the dust that construction produces, cleaning the walls is the first step to painting a new construction property. Following this step, the primer will be applied. The trim then trails and subsequent the walls.