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Do you feel that your walls have become outdated or stale? If so, then it’s the right time to give them a fresh coat. There is a seemingly endless list of painting techniques that can completely transform the appearance of your room. These creative ideas shouldn’t add clutter or encroach on the room in the name of adding extra décor. 

To give your home a fresh and inviting look, you need not only the idea of what you want but also the right paint, tools and a professional to carry out the job. Thus, you have to find the Best Bendigo Painter who will turn your dream into reality. 

Painting is a trade that has its secrets. The following are some of the methods and techniques painters use to give you that excellent vibe you’re seeking. 

House painting job photo taken in Bendigo with painter expert

Use the of Right Supplies 

It’s true buying cheap supplies such as paint and brushes will save you some cash; however, the result will be disappointing. Most likely, your cheap plastic brush will make the wall look like paint was smeared on it using a rake. However, the best Bendigo painter understands the secret of a flawless wall is the right brush and a superior brand of paint. The right supplies are expensive; however, they will go on smooth, give you the best coverage and last longer. For instance, you can be able to wash fingerprints off the wall without damaging expensive paint while a cheaper one will come out. Thus, skilled painters understand the trick and buy the best supplies hence that inviting vibe. 

Sanding Away Flaws 

Every painter wants to end up with perfectly painted walls, but you can’t achieve that without starting with a perfectly smooth surface. Thus, the Best Bendigo painter will spend a lot of time pushing sandpaper to level out the spackle, removes rough spots and burrs on trim and flatten ridges around areas such as nail holes. Sanding the wall from the baseboard towards the ceiling will give a perfect surface to apply the fresh paint on, and the result will be an impeccable wall.   

Eliminating Brush and Lap Marks 

At the start of the painting exercise, you shared your expectations with the painter. You want your style and aesthetic leanings to be taken care of. On the other side, the painter wants to support you by giving a sophisticated look that exceeds your expectations.  

To achieve this, the painter will have to create a finish free of brush and lap marks. One way of eliminating these marks is by adding a paint conditioner or paint extender into the paint. The secret is that it causes the paint to dry slowly, thus giving the painter enough time to overlap on the painted area without leaving lap marks. More so, the paint conditioner levels out the paint, thus eliminating all the brush strokes. 

Thus, the best Bendigo painter uses paint extenders or conditioners when working on drywall, cabinets, woodwork and doors. This gives you an elegant finish free of marks.   

Complete One Wall Before Starting Another 

While it’s easier to work on all trim and corners in a room, then focus on rolling the walls. A seasoned painter doesn’t do that. The expert can give you that seamless look by working on a single wall from bottom to the top before moving to the next one. 

The best Bendigo painter recommends this method of painting because it facilitates the blending of the brushed and rolled paint. However, the painter has to cover the paint bucket or tray with a damp towel every time he switches between rolling and brushing to prevent them from drying when not in use.  

Paint Boxing  

You might have seen the same paint colour with glaring differences. That means that even paint from the same manufacturer can vary between cans. However, the best Bendigo painter understands this, and instead of using each gallon on its own, the pro mixes these cans of paint in a bucket. This process is called boxing.   

The next step is to paint directly from the bucket instead of pouring the paint in a roller tray. However, the bucket full of paint is heavy and hard to move, thus carry out the mixing exercise next to the area you’re painting.   

Scrape Paint from the Windows 

Most painters tape the windows when painting around the area; however, no matter how careful they are, paint usually ends up on the glass surface anyway. Thus, it’s essential to check all the windowpane after painting and not to assume that taping was enough.   

Scrape off all the dry paint with a blade but be careful not to touch the area between the wood and the glass. Even a tiny hole can contribute to moisture seepage to the wood and cause it to rot.  

Remove the Switch Plates  

Tapping the switch plates or scraping the paint off the surface after the painting exercise can be laborious and can even leave unwanted marks. The best Bendigo painter takes off those switch plates before painting the area around them. It also gives him a perfect coverage around the switches without any mess. The tricks give you a uniformly painted wall. 

Invest in a Good Set of Tools

Painting tools for painting job in Bendigo with paint brushes and paint roller

A sparse set of tools can’t blend well even with the right supplies. For instance, a short ladder will hinder your efforts to reach the higher parts of the wall. The best news is you can avoid such a set bad.  

The best Bendigo painter has invested in the right ladder to avoid falling into the paint bucket as they hang off the ladder, trying to reach a particular area.   


The article has given you a list of tips compiled from experts from Bendigo Painting Services. You will get an aesthetic look on your wall when these ideas are implemented well. Contact the company to get a painting expert that is competent, dependable and easy to work with. 

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